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Saunders revisited.

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A while back I did a review of all my slingshots (I have about double that amount now). In that review I stated how much I liked the Saunders but had some trouble aiming them. After taking another look at these slingshots I have determined that these are probable the most accurate slingshots you can buy. Hands down.

I know some of you do not like the big starship slingshots and prefer wooden handcrafted slingshots, and trust me I love those and naturals too. However, the falcon 2 from Saunders is built for precision. This slingshot is very accurate. The brace allows you to hold with a semi open hand to assure the slingshot is in the same position every shot.

The hawk is also an awesome little slingshot. It is only slightly less accurate than the falcon 2.

The quick change band system on these tops any other method of band or tube attachment. You can quickly adjust the length of the bands if more or less draw is needed.

The Saunders flat bands are some of the best on the market. These things will outlast even tubes. Seriously. I changed tubes on a tubular slingshot twice before I had to change the bands on a Saunders. And I think I shot the Saunders MORE! They are also super fast and even more so if shortened.

p.s. I love slingshots. I find good qualities in every slingshot I own. I did however want to give credit where credit is due. Saunders makes a great product.
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