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This isn't technically a slingshot modification per se, and I'm sure I'm far from the first person to do this. But I thought I'd share.

I have a scout LT. I use the scales but not the handle weight they offer. There's not much room in there but I like to stick a small fishing kit in the handle space. It's about 6 ft of line, some small sinkers and a hook. It would be better to have several hooks and I'd normally go a size or two smaller but this was the only hook Small enough I had on hand when I put the kit together.

One of these days I'll replace the Phillips screw with a flat head so I could more easily remove it with a knife blade if needed.


I also considered cramming a light band set in there instead. It's a tight fit though and I think the lanyard abrasion from the lanyard would probably damage the band set over time.


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How do keep the items from falling out.?

Much better idea than trying to stuff a PowerBar in there!

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If he put some peanut butter in there to hold the PowerBar His slingshot then would act like bait trap, and draw critters his was for easy pickings. Then he would have to fish, It would be a true survival tool. He might have to start wearing running shoes and caring some bear repelant. Added bonus bears are a great motivator for increasing your running endurance. Who knows you might even come up with a few new cuss words. We can never have too many of those.
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