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I use round cabinet scrapers when making wild shoot arrows and decided to try them on small forks. They do a great job of smoothing the finish! However, as the photo shows, they don't work at the top of the grip, base of the forks junction. They also don't take the place of a file. Still, they speed up the job on small naturals. I have two scrapers. One for large spindles is shown. I have one for small diameter work too. I think I paid $20 for the two.



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Nice Joe, I mainly use the flattened rolled burr / sharpened spine of my Mora knife to scrape naturals and works good too.

We have some heavy spring steel pallet banding materials at work that I want to make some scrapers from, but you can also make you're own from the blade of an old worn out wooden handsaw....check YouTube on it.

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