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Second frame recommendations

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Hello all,
I'm planning on getting my a second frame. My first is a Scout LT. It's awesome. It's very versatile and has let me experiment with different styles and setups.

I want a second so I don't have to switch bands between my light and heavier setups.

For my next one I want it to be a TTF That I can shoot sideways hold with a pinch grip. Id like an aiming groove but I can add that myself I suppose. I'd say I have medium sized hands.

I really like the looks of the pocket predator scorpion and people on here have said a lot of good stuff about it. Would anyone suggest anything else in that price range (less than $50). That meets the above criteria?


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Scrat. If somebody told me a few years ago what I am about to tell you I would scoff, spit, and put a ding in their mailbox. But I am going to do it anyway, because I am smarter now.
Get a second Scout LTE and run it TTF with your heavier bands (or tubes!). Shoot the Scrat out of it. Rinse and repeat. Work em' out, beat em' up, carry them everywhere. Hopefully you find yourself comfortably accurate in both styles. After you have learned your WaxOnWaxOff then go spring for some Cherry Pie SlingFrame and shoot it like you own it. I dunno. I like making, and buying, and trying, and lying. But the greatest thing of all about shooting a slingshot, is just shooting it!

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Okay. Scrat that previous comment. I was out of my mind. I don't have a Taurus TTF but I understand it is an incredible shooter. My Scorpion and TopShot are a couple of my best-evers. However my SPS shooters are lazer beams too.

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