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Second frame recommendations

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Hello all,
I'm planning on getting my a second frame. My first is a Scout LT. It's awesome. It's very versatile and has let me experiment with different styles and setups.

I want a second so I don't have to switch bands between my light and heavier setups.

For my next one I want it to be a TTF That I can shoot sideways hold with a pinch grip. Id like an aiming groove but I can add that myself I suppose. I'd say I have medium sized hands.

I really like the looks of the pocket predator scorpion and people on here have said a lot of good stuff about it. Would anyone suggest anything else in that price range (less than $50). That meets the above criteria?


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Hi S,

I have a pp sideshooter, target sniper & scorpion.....Like them all, but they are just a bit too large for my preferences now that I've been shooting a year +...…..I'd strongly suggest the TTF mini-tarus……….It has become my favorite...….Think you'll love how it fits in your hand & shoots...…….
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