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Second frame recommendations

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Hello all,
I'm planning on getting my a second frame. My first is a Scout LT. It's awesome. It's very versatile and has let me experiment with different styles and setups.

I want a second so I don't have to switch bands between my light and heavier setups.

For my next one I want it to be a TTF That I can shoot sideways hold with a pinch grip. Id like an aiming groove but I can add that myself I suppose. I'd say I have medium sized hands.

I really like the looks of the pocket predator scorpion and people on here have said a lot of good stuff about it. Would anyone suggest anything else in that price range (less than $50). That meets the above criteria?


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I love my Axiom ocularis, I have shot it OTT and TTF and it shoots well both ways, not to mention that ocularis system makes changing bands easy as pie.

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Haha, I don't think your out of your mind Mo. The biggest theme in every post here about improving skills seems is consistency so the logical thing to do would be use the same frame for new setups that way you are changing less variables. That said, who wants to be logical with so many awesome designs out there. I assume that's why folks end up with such awesome collections.

Slingdude, boomslang, Thanks for the recommendations on the Taurus. it looks really comfortable and that price is hard to beat. I had read the scorpions are pretty large. Mr. Hays makes it look small with those big hands. Seems you can't go wrong with a pocket predator though.

Thelzer, I was really close to getting the axiom instead of the scout. I just wasn't sure about that plug setup. You like it pretty well though?

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It is my go to, plus it has a sight groove in two different spots, makes it real easy to help get those shots on target.

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