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Here we go again folks!
  • Sign ups are open until the 14th of October.
  • I will be randomly matching pairs on the 15th of October.
  • Slingshots to be finished and in the mail by the 14th of November.
Please please please do not sign up unless you are SURE you can meet the deadline and afford the postage cost !

For those unfamiliar with the Secret Santa, here is a quick run down:
  • Everyone who would like to be involved posts in this thread with an I'm in or something similar.
  • On the 15th of October I will take the list of names and throw them into a spreadsheet alongside a random number. The sheet will be sorted by the random number and row 1 will be paired with row 2, row 3 with row 4 and so on.
  • I will publish a list on the forum with who the pairings are.
  • You then get in contact with your partner to exchange mailing details and any other special requirements like what hand you hold your slingshot in etc.
  • You then have a month to build your slingshot gift.
  • Please ensure all slingshots are in the mail by no later than the 14th of November to ensure a December delivery.
  • Do not posts pictures of your finished slingshot before mailing it as it will ruin the surprise.
  • Please though, be sure to post pics of your present once you get it!
This years participants:
  1. Hrawk
  2. Reecemurg
  3. Danny0663
  4. Harson
  5. Dayhiker
  6. DukaThe
  7. Mckee
  8. Stevotattoo
  9. Setarip
  10. Quarterinmynose
  11. Btoon84
  12. Natty Fork
  13. LVO
  14. HenryInPanama
  15. Rockslinger
  16. TobseB
  17. Pawpawsailor
  18. Capnjoe
  19. Maomao
  20. E~shot
  21. All Buns Glazing
  22. Monoaminooxidase
  23. Gote Rider
  24. BobbyZarlinga
  25. Pop Shot
  26. BuBsMuBollock
  27. Melvin
  28. Trobbie66
  29. Reiko1078
  30. LittleBear
  31. Funk3ymunky
  32. The Gopher
  33. Brainleak
  34. Kipken
  35. Flippinout
  36. Bob Fionda
  37. Bootmuck
  38. Danmakesshooters
  39. Luxor5
  40. Beanflip

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