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I have been working the Slingshot portion of this forum for a year or so. I stumbled up this Slingbow in October on eBay from a seller that never shot it. My intent was to relive my youth and longbow hunting coupled with my love for slingshots. After a few pulls on this monster I suddenly recalled why I moved onto a compound bow for a few years, and then onto a crossbow! My shoulders get worked tenderizing a steak, this is a younger mans kit in my opinion. Even if I band it down to a 25lb pull then I may as well just throw a sharp rock at my target.
This thing truly is a Badass Slingbow. If you know this sport, then you'll know this kit.
Asking $145.00usd which includes shipping to your address in the mainland USA. Alaska and Hawaii add an additional $25.00usd. send me a private message if interested.

*Hex keys not included, just showing they are not metric assemblies. The first photo was from original owner. I removed the stickers after my purchase.*

**Attention forum moderators. I know to post in the Slingshot Classifieds. However, this is really a different beast.**

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