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These devices might indeed look very impressive, but their relative complexity nevertheless does not yield the high power levels one might come to expect; 6 mm ball bearings have far too little mass, and waste most of the power generated by the multiple tubular elastics guided around pulleys - which themselves do not seem to act like those of a compound bow or crossbow. Bolts seem to do a bit better, given their larger mass. Nothing to write home about, though - see here:

A major drawback with slingshot rifles is the fact that the rubber cools down when it is elongated for longer periods of time: rubber stores heat energy which is transformed into power i.e. is released when the pouch is released for a shot.

As a fun (relatively expensive) alternative to slingshots, why not, but if it is power output you are seeking, most sturdy slingshot frames with a strong set of flat bands drawn to at least semi-"butterfly" stance will hurl a .50 caliber or larger steel ball with significantly more oomph downrange. Tin cans beware.

In fact, Starships are the way to go if you want true magnum power - have a look at this impressive video:

Least but not last, US$ 100 also buys a reasonable air rifle in .177 caliber with at least 8 to 12 ft/lbs. Less fuss, far more efficient and reliable.

See here as an example:
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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