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Sewing - part of your skill set?

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I'm not very good at it but I can get by with a torn bag or something along those lines if it doesn't need to be aesthetically pleasing. Very satisfying to fix a tear when out camping with a small sewing kit IMO. Whenever someone jokes with me about sewing I always say yeah I learned it on the reserve from an old Mohawk lady.. Also taught me the proper method for scalping with a Tomahawk. ;)

It's a bit of a dark joke but I've sure gotten some wide eyes out ot it LOL.

SO, any of you other ladies sew? :p

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I can sew buttons, tears (learned that on the knees of my pants), and I can even re-stitch torn out seams if I go slow and make sure to keep things lined up just right. My mom got tired of us kids griping about what she made for dinner every night, so we all got assigned one night a week to make dinner on, and that's how I learned to cook.
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