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Sewing - part of your skill set?

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I'm not very good at it but I can get by with a torn bag or something along those lines if it doesn't need to be aesthetically pleasing. Very satisfying to fix a tear when out camping with a small sewing kit IMO. Whenever someone jokes with me about sewing I always say yeah I learned it on the reserve from an old Mohawk lady.. Also taught me the proper method for scalping with a Tomahawk. ;)

It's a bit of a dark joke but I've sure gotten some wide eyes out ot it LOL.

SO, any of you other ladies sew? :p

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I sew by hand quite often. Doesn't look real good but it holds together. I took a class when I was in high school (about 1970) called Bachelor Living. Learned how to cook, sew on buttons, iron shirts and slacks and do laundry. I still sew and cook but not much call for ironing any more.
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