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Shame on me!

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I must apologize to my friend Darrell ( SLING-N-Shot). A while ago we agreed on a blind swap.of course everything went well with the trade, but im just now ( weeks later) getting around to posting pics of what i received.

When we first started talking about the trade, I hinted that I loved his flint knapped arrow heads, and that id someday like to incorporate a real arrowhead in a build somehow. I'd have been perfectly happy with an arrow head or two in the swap .
Well, look what this crazy guy sent!! A BUNCH of arrowheads exquisitely crafted,along with two incredible spear points that you have to hold to appreciate the quality. , an assortment of tubes, and oh yea there was also this beautiful spalted natty with turquoise and a copper lined lanyard hole and native american styling. I love it. Also,knowing that I work with files mainly, he included this incredible farriers rasp. Ill be putting this baby to good use, I promise you.
I'm blown away!! Keep in mind folks that I sent him a bb shooter and a wine cork, and he sent all this loot!! I almost feel guilty. ( almost)
Ok heres the pics.
Thanks Darrell. I love it all!


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I think that they modeled the Energizer bunny after Darrell! He's the giver who keeps on giving!

Great stuff and looking forward to seeing whatever you do with the arrow heads.

....and what an amazing BB shooter!
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