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Very cool GP, what kind of bone are you using ?

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OK..Here is the story. I spent part of each summer on a ship between Vancouver, BC and Alaska, 1980-2000. On one voyage I found some bones washed up on the coast in Sitka. From the size I guessed they might be moose. I brought them back to the ship and when we came to the next port I bought a hacksaw and a couple of files. When we were at sea I would sit out on the fantail and work on making fish. By the end of the summer I had made my wife a necklace which she lost in a Skagway bar. I had to make her another. Then I had to make one for our daughter...then for granddaughters. Some of the fish I am currently working on are from the bone I originally found in Sitka, AK. A few are from beef bones. GP
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