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She said "Yo crazy"

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I got a chance to get in the garage over the holidays and made a few Yo Slingshots.

Gesture Plant Finger Line Art
Wood Flooring Pattern Hardwood Plywood

My wife said "Yo crazy" to make so many!
But honey I said, "There are only 2 of each size and some are spoken for." (can you ever have too many?)

Green Pattern Symmetry Design Electric blue

I really like this slingshot, it shoots great and feels so natural in your hand with the grip hole. It also puts your hand / arm into a very good ergonomical position for gangsta shooting!
I have over a month of testing with these Yo slingshots, shooting every day and I must say they are great!

I am thinking of making some more so I would ask that they not be copied right now until I decide what I am doing with them. I don't know if I would ever become a vendor, but who knows, stranger things have happened I am sure! I would need to see some real interest first before I took the plunge.

Now to just finish em up!


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But you are crazy. Crazy in a good way.
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