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She said "Yo crazy"

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I got a chance to get in the garage over the holidays and made a few Yo Slingshots.

Gesture Plant Finger Line Art
Wood Flooring Pattern Hardwood Plywood

My wife said "Yo crazy" to make so many!
But honey I said, "There are only 2 of each size and some are spoken for." (can you ever have too many?)

Green Pattern Symmetry Design Electric blue

I really like this slingshot, it shoots great and feels so natural in your hand with the grip hole. It also puts your hand / arm into a very good ergonomical position for gangsta shooting!
I have over a month of testing with these Yo slingshots, shooting every day and I must say they are great!

I am thinking of making some more so I would ask that they not be copied right now until I decide what I am doing with them. I don't know if I would ever become a vendor, but who knows, stranger things have happened I am sure! I would need to see some real interest first before I took the plunge.

Now to just finish em up!


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Devo, is that a thumb hole for hammer grip? Or for the middle fingers?
It is for the middle finger (no comments please) It gives a lot of support. The funny thing about this shape is it can be shot "deep curve" up, which is the most natural grip, or you can flip it over and shoot deep curve down (must re-do the bands) I have not tried "hammer grip" with the Yo. but I never liked shooting like that.

About 75% of the people hold it deep up. I have a lot of youth group kids come over and shoot, and I make about 6 different designs. I pre-cut the slingshots and they sand and finish them. Then they have there own "custom" sling shot that they made. Since the Yo slingshot design, I now have a pile of other shapes that the kids don't want. Everyone wants the Yo, something about how it "feels" in your hand.

Thanks for the intrest
Perry we have a lot in common! I also think that green slingshot in your caption looks familiar!
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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