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Through the years I’ve hosted a number of contests and, being unable to officially join in, I still generally made a couple of slingshots alongside the contestants for the fun of it. Several years back I played around and made an “Altoids Starship” during an Altoids Contest that Tag and I hosted. I did it for fun but it’s turned out to be a really nice handling little slingshot both for it being small enough in size to fit in my back pocket but also because it adds about 6 inches to to my draw length.
This one breaks down to fit in the tin but even if the design was reworked as a single piece, that extra 6 inches out front adds surprisingly to the power and it makes it really easy to shoot instinctively. Because it’s a break-down I limit it to a 5/16 but it hits
hard. (I shoot small slingshots and I always tip my slingshot forward for the band to clear easily - the bands last longer and it helps me point to the target.)
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