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Shooting clay

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I have been shooting a lot of clay balls lately. Here is what I have discovered: The faster/more powerful a bandset is, the more erratically the balls fly. Conversely, the slower the flight, the straighter they fly.

I have this totally awesome slingshot I got in trade from Jmplsnt (on this forum). This thing is one of my very best shooters, and the rubber tube on it is amazing. It's a soft pull and doesn't zip the ammo out too fast, but it can still deliver a good wap! to the target. It is rigged in a style he calls "Gypsy" and is modeled after the way they do things in Arkansas, I think.
This slingshot is rigged with a large pouch for shooting stones, but shoots everything just as accurately as the carefully engineered ones as near as I can tell. I really love this fork and it is a serious contender for being my favorite.
A leather strip of shoe leather is held in place by windings of waxed dental floss, coated with super glue. The tubes are tied with the floss, too. I wish I knew the wood.
One of the most amazing things about the tubes to me is that this is the 3rd slingshot Jmplsnt has used it on, and I have at least 500-600 shots on it! Seems indestructible.

... Oh, yeah. This was supposed to be about clay ammo, huh?. . .
Well, when I shoot the clay with Thera Gold, Thin latex flats, or 4-strand chinese tubes, they are only accurate out to 10 yards at most. But when I shoot with the BadBoy I can double that distance and shoot just as straight. It's gotta be the slower flight.

The BadBoy + clay balls = A lot of fun!
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Dont know about clay balls but I do Like the looks of that Gnarly Shooter .
Clay balls just might end up being too sticky. How bout kiln dried clay balls? They might shatter blast on impact, that would be a nice sight to see.
The kind of air dry clay I use does just that. It dries very hard, Darrell. And when you hit something it leaves a little puff. But some of it does stich to the concrete wall which you can rinse off with a garden hose. The upside is no ricochet. But it will ricochet of a branch or something in the woods. I made a video of shooting at a target drawn with a piece of chalk. Good because you can see your groupings or whatever. Also, they will penetrate and sometimes pass through a soda can.

Ha! this was some bad shooting with a brand new slingshot and bandset, but it gets the point across.
Very Nice, I like. Good grouping. Does the clay tend to load up on the pouch?
No. Not at all. It leaves just a slight bit of dust. But it don't load up at all. I buy mine from Michael's in a box about a cubic foot in size. I once figured out the approximate cost per shot and I think it came out to about 0.6 cents. Really cheap.
Do you mean 6 mills per shot since there are 10 mills to a penny?
"Daddy, do you lick your balls?"

"I couldn't possibly reach!"

"Even I can reach them up there on the side-board. I think they're great. Good job!"

"Oh. Yes, I do like my clay balls.

It seems my plan of using child labour has backfired. I have a few dozen clay balls drying ready for the kiln, but the majority of my block of clay morphed into a rabbit holding a carrot, a duck with no beak, a horse that looks like a dog, a heart shaped dish, a scroll with a poem on it about a wiggly-worm and a strange thumb pot with four nipples
, all of which were more meritous to a young girl than a pile of round identically sized clay balls, no matter how much Daddy likes them.
I think I'm interested in the 4 nipples.
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