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Shooting Flechettes (short arrows)

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It is time that I start to experiment with flechettes.

Yes, I am hesistant because of the fear to hit my hand. But then again, hitting my hand with a powerful steel ball would be just as painful, right?

Also, even the Combow was available with flechette bands and the web site offered the flechettes.

So I have ordered cross bow pistol bolts and will adapt them for a "string" pouch. basically I will add a notch just behind the tip.

I plan to mount the slingshot for the first tests, so I can make sure there is no danger for my hand.

I also ordered an 80lbs pistol crossbow to compare the speed I am getting from both weapons.

Has anyone done this before? I'd appreciate your input.

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I seen a slingshot type shooter on a web page that shot darts that connected to the bands at the tip that seems a safer way to go
Sorry I missed that. what I got from the page I was reading this was hunting sling similar to the sling cat.
1 - 2 of 58 Posts
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