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Hi , folks ,

Just last week I've got done with a new tiny shooter , that I had carved out of a solid birch branch fork , using power tools and carving knives .

The first test shooting video turned out rather dull both in terms of picture quality and also my rather poor shooting abilities :

A few days later I took another shooting session , sadly the new shooter's bands became damaged after just a few shots and I had to continue my session with three dfferent slingshots , that I had taken along .

But this time in my opinion the shooting and video turned out much better , especially towards the end of the film using my homemade "X"-shooter , .......never expected , that I could get that good with it(within my own boundaries).

Also I like to see that decaying tree strunk , that I had utilized as a kinda "backstop" for my tin can target , becoming demolished more and more by the impacts of the steelballs , ........did not sense all of the shots , that went right thru it whilst I was shooting .

Thanks for your patience , .......greetz , Holzwurm
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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