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I remember it like it was just yesterday when Bill Hays walks up to me at the MWST and hands me a couple slingshots, and says " try these???????????? Now normally you'd think I would be jumping up and down for Joy, but I hold the number of consecutive fork hits????e???????????? in a row. In fact when I used to go to MJ's to shoot, the neighbors dog went in the house????????‍♂ Each time I got ready to shoot the BoyShot, I would repeat, " Oh this is going to hurt real bad???????? " Guess what, I no longer had fork hits, and with some practice "Ok, A lot of practice, I got better???????????? I'm almost absolutely, positively sure if Bill Hays hadn't given me that BoyShot, I would have given up on slingshots. Bill had never met me, but he still took the time to help me find a slingshot I could shoot???????? I hope someday Ole #5 comes back up for sale, so more people can try one for themselves. If you've never checked out Pocket Predators gallery, please do so. Bill has designed countless amazing slingshots. Any way, as usual, I get carried away, here is a picture of some of my shooting today, with my Personal absolute favorite slingshot. The tubes are 1632, and the pouch is a SuperSure. The custom Lanyard is from a white shoe string we had laying around????????‍♂ 5/16 ammo Material property Font Fashion design Fashion accessory Natural material
. 2 inch circle, 33ft shooting distance. Art Font Circle Wire Symmetry


1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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