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Hey guys!
My names Luke and I have only recently, well I say recently, about 3/4 months ago got into shooting slingshots!
About two months ago I began to start making my own slingshots. (Naturals and boardcuts)

I am only 15 so have limited tools to work with

Here are a couple of examples of my work so far.

Group shot of a few naturals made by me
Wood Artifact Art Gesture Creative arts

The Behemoth!
Hand Wood Gesture Natural material Artifact
Musical instrument Wood Gesture Wind instrument Hardwood
Leg Human body Wood Artifact Foot
Musical instrument Wood Wind instrument Human leg Art

While making this slingshot, I was experimenting with different tools that I currently own. The tools used on The Behemoth were rasps, sandpaper, and a saw. It was coated in Teak oil and then coated in polyurethane to give it a really nice shine!

Heres one with no name:
Vase Wood Creative arts Art Artifact
Wood Gesture Natural material Art Tints and shades
Wood Sculpture Art Artifact Hardwood
Wood Art Musical instrument Human leg Flooring
Wood Sculpture Creative arts Art Artifact

When I found this fork, I de-barked it and left it to dry. When I came to work with it, I noticed there was another layer underneath. I began to peal it off. It left a silky smooth finish which I then sanded and finished again with Teak oil and polyurethane.

I hope everyone likes my work.... more natural slingshots to follow

Cheers Luke


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Hello .. Danny here.

I'm just a bloke from New Zealand that enjoys fine machinery and the company of mother nature.
I haven't always enjoyed or appreciated, untill i stumbled across Joerg Sprave's YouTube channel in December 2010 and then lurked for couple of months. Then finally decided i would register for one of Joerg's competition. From there onwards, i was hooked!

I only started making slingshots in the early months of 2011, many of my inspirations and use of material came from the forum gallery. (Still is my main source of inspiration)
The wealth of information on slingshots seemed unlimted!

For the guys that know me well enough, you'll probably know i don't like working with wood often. Seems odd, but it's true.
I mainly work with non-ferrous metals and natural forks. Sure they may take a long periods to make, but the reward and sense of achievement after your hard work is addictive.

Here are some of my projects of mine, in which i am extremely proud of.

Aluminium MXred Ergo

ERGO Build Log (Start to finish, the whole lot!) -

Aluminium Dragons #1 #2

Dragon Build log -

Danny. K
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