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Simple. Effective

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A few days ago I whittled the bark off of a birch fork. Cut it to size and threw it in the toaster oven for a couple hours. No drying no nothing! when it came out I put some danish oil on it while it was still hot and once it cooled I banded it up. It is plain, simple and cracked. I love it. I have factory forks that I have spent hard earned $ on, naturals I spent countless hours on... and then there is this burnt stick that shoots just as accurately as anything I have ever held. The things you know. lol.




To see how it worked on it's first outing check out the slingshot hunting thread.
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Its funny like that sometimes. There is beauty in the simply things. Its only going to get cooler looking when it gets hand oil and dirt caked into it from months of use.

I like my slings dirty!
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