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Just started using the 15 x 22 x.7 to launch 3/8 steel ... I don't have a chrony but it feels like a magnum pistol round with a reasonable draw weight. I like. :)
Got a question ?

Do you use flats on Chinese slingshots and if so what method do you use for your fork to band attachment ? After taking your recommendation on trying these flats, I'm amazed at the speed I'm getting with such little draw weight, this is changing my outlook on the band vs tube controversy for sure.

As a side bar: The fact that the draw weight is so much less the accuracy sure does improve also !!

If these flats last 300+ shots per set then I'll be happy and I'll be looking into using flats more;- )

If by Chinese slingshots, you mean those with round ears like the original Luck Rings or your current favorite wire frames - then NO, even tho I know it can be done Ocularis style with rubber stoppers, or Chicago Screws and such. IMO, it's a little like wearing your shoes on the wrong feet - it's doable but goes against the natural order of things.

Other than several purpose designed tube shooters (Antelopes, POM X6, General II, etc), my Chinese shooters are the Popeye (a clamp method) and pegheads - both designed for flats. To attach flats to a peghead, I've found the tape to be the best and easiest - used it recently to affix Simple's lightest taper to a small Feihu. Once you figure out your method, the stuff is straight up cool.,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_
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