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...My first 'fibre optic'....
Received my green Scout X with black scales and clamps this week [plus some extra scales and clamps to make the green frame totally green]. Shot it with 1.0mm Latex and 7/16", 0.7 Simpleshot and 3/8" and 0.5 Snipersling and 5/16" steel to compare with the Scout XT I own.

OPINION: X feels good to me. I think it's a very nice evolution. The clamps are real nice. The general style of the X is an improvement in so far as the handle shape and size/scales, new clamps, and inset fastening bolts. But shooting the X did raise the question in my mind about the relevance/usefulness of the fibre optics and, specifically, the way the optical points are 'out there' beyond the edges of the fork. I found the fibre optics a hinderance...became annoyed at 3cm and 2cm spinners being hidden by a bright green dot. Thought about a file on the fibre optic mount points and and some epoxy filler...but held off on the urge [I'm glad that I've got the black set of clamps to work on if the urge returns]. At this time I'd prefer the X to the XT [and LT] if the clamps were without the fibre optic mount points. Maybe I'll get used to the fibre optic [mount points], maybe I'll modify the clamps by removing evidence of the fibre optics, or maybe Simpleshot will make some optional clamps without the fibre optics...
21 - 22 of 22 Posts