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THX to this forum for slingshots have really rediscovered the fun of "lunging" as I called them
Over 40 years ago.
I randomly stumbled on windsurf short made of fiberglass.
Is straight, light, 4 feet long.
Cheap plastic cone darts from eBay Chine fit ok. Could be a tad tighter i d though,
So target practice with 4 (four items total)
How simple and cool
Is that?
Just the tube, no mouth part, I like without!
Dart cone
Dart sharpened tip spring steel if I had to quest
5 inch thick dense strofoam 2x4 feet magic marker trace audio cd size
Sometimes shoot bb targets for change!
Remember well longer faster, flatter flight so will
Source tube and consider super cheap lazer
Anyone here DIY lazer sight system
Seems straight forward ( punny ) but ask anyway.
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