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Ray Rowden
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I wasn't expecting much from this natty. There wasn't much color at the tips, and there were cracks apparent through the bark.
Goes to show I'm not a very good judge.
The more wood I removed, the better I liked it!
I thought about going thinner, but it feels real handy as it is.

Hand Plant Fruit Wood Natural material

Plant Bivalve Shell Thumb Sea snail

Finger Plant Thumb Wood Snails and slugs

Hand Gesture Finger Wood Thumb

Wood Hand tool Thumb Musical instrument Nail

Natural material Wood Terrestrial plant Finger Thumb


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@KawKan great looking little Cedar frame Ray, love that grain color...........I noticed something I might be able to help with in the form of building tools / techniques ?

I think I saw a little bit of tearout around the drilled lanyard hole from the bit coming through ? What you can try that works really well when that happens,

is to get one of those medium sized, around 3/8" stone grinding bits from Dremel at Home Depot or Lowes, etc., and use that to kind of chamfer around the hole

where it tore out, and if you do it long enough and create enough friction, you'll actually burn a nice looking, black accent ring around the hole, on the inside,

and that'll dress up / clear up those torn or chipped wood fibers. :)

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Well, sir, just look at this beauty!!

Awesome grain colour and a smart slim profile. Great design!!

The detail of the "natural" palm swell is a plus on this slingshot.

I like it very much!!

Best regards ...Q

Mojave Mo
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I'm am inspired...again? I am positive I am finished with metal/epoxy/and scales after my current project is complete. I see a feature of using my muse for a natural beauty like yours! Bravo again. MM

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