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Charlie is our 8 week old female chocolate Labrador, she adores the girls and (if I can train her right) will be my gun dog.

She is extremely smart and has lots of spunk, so I think she will be the perfect addition to the island made family.

Oh......and she's desperately cute! Dog Plant Leaf Carnivore Dog breed
Brown Dog Plant Dog breed Carnivore
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She's a great looking lab :)
We always took game birds and simply wrapped them in barbed wire for the puppies to play with, so they could learn to retrieve and not bite into them. They learn not to bite into them on their own this way. Just throw the birds for them and play fetch :)
Not needed with most labs, they are very soft mouthed. Unless they get spurred. We used to take a bunch of game bird feathers and roll them up tight in a piece of gunnysack with the pheasant tail feathers sticking out of the back end. Makes a nice training dummy.

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I LOVE Labs!!

Yours is simply ADOGABLE!!

Please check often for ticks.

...on the dog, too...

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