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I am chagrined! Raventree78 sent me his end of the Summer swap several months ago. I was crushed at work and behind on my slingshot projects. To create an incentive, I left his package sealed until I finished his package. Def. worth the wait. RT's lanyards are legendary and these two fit me perfectly. I was looking for a holster and ammo pouch for woods walking and there it was - a great combo that I now wear on my belt. The photo does not do his leather-work justice. RT also sent a pouch, jammed full of pouches and some cord locks for the lanyards, perfect for a back-up ammo stash. And, of course, a magnet on a neck lanyard - the ultimate convenience for an old man who just doesn't enjoy bending down to pick up ammo.

Thank you Raventree78 - great swap!

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