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rainy gloomy day and a package arrived to Brighten it all up,Amazing collection of art from Darrell,what an awesome and talented craftsman! one of his signature slings,and i dont know how he managed it,but it fits my hand like a glove,the finish is like glass smooth,gonna have to go do a sun dance so i can shoot it ,not taking this one out in the rain, And,on top of the sling some knapped points and knife,i'm speechless at the workmanship,so i will just say WOW! the knapped glass is Sharp,yes,i did that thing,lol.and there were some neat tools and a magnet lanyard,as well as a fiber optic i have been playing with for the last hour,even used it to look down the barrel of my BB guns.Thank you so much Darrell this package was So far Above and Beyond anything i could imagine.Juat Amazing!


1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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