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(excuse my english)

Hi all, i have just discovered the slingbow thing all around and came to joergs videos (WOW), and the guy from pathfinder etc, found that the slingbow is to me the perfect traveler weapon for hunting in survival situations, as you can carry it in your bag and doesent weight too much.

Im looking for a compromise between the power and distance range of the bow and the lightness and easse of the slingshot.

Also found VERY useful the slingbow for fishing. Real survival stuff.

So what do you think about the Saunders wrist rocket slingshot?

Since it has good long wrist, i was thinking about how i could maximize its power, thera black, gold? maybe some layers of any of them?

I choosed the saunders because of some reviews i saw, and because i could win 20-30 cm extra making a custom estension to laid the arrow on, (like you did in some of your slingshots joerg).

i suposse 32 arrows would be the choice to maximize the distance possibilities right?

Also watching this video
i thought that placing a "bushman cold steel knife" on the tube that is set for equilibrium would make an interesting survival slingbow bayonet. You have your bow and your knife in one hand and you can still use the other one to everything you need, and if you need the knife you take it from the bayonet or you even use it plugged onto the slingshot to finish the suffering of the animal.

What do you think? And i would apreciate your help.


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I really don't like the idea of a slingshot bayonet outside of a Zombie movie. For me slingshots are all about fun plinking and target shooting. If you do decide to make a one with a bayonet, nobody's stopping you. It has however, been thoroughly done.

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