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I had this happen to me once. It was one of the trades where everybody's name is put in the hat and two names drawn for each trade.

My trading partner was relatively new to slingshots, but met the criteria to participate in the trade. He told me he had only used only office bands for power so I sent him several feet of different size tubing, sampler pack of flat band material, several Supersure pouches and two slingshots. I sent it all to the U.K.

He acknowledged that he received the package,that he was very pleased and that he would be posting my package in a few days.

He disappeared from the forum shortly there after. He did not answer my PMs. I thought maybe something happened. An accident or something serious that kept him from replying.

Well over a year later he appeared on the forum in the For Sale section. Two of the items he had up for sale were the slingshots I sent him. I seriously thought about buying one of the slingshots but figured he would take my money and i would never see the slingshot.
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