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Hello everyone I just wanted to share my trade with Shane. I didn't expect these frames to get to me so soon and man I was surprised when I checked my mail today and saw a package from him. I straight away made them a band set tried them out and damn what can I say they are amazing can't ask for more :)

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Imagine missing your target and then running up to beat the spit of it! That is how them Island Boys hunt up yonder!
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You figured us out!! Also, if you put the pouch on your thumb and pull back the frame it sends a nasty wallop!!

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Some of us struggle mightily with mere plywood and sandpaper. And then there's Shane... Beautiful frames man! I'd say you came out pretty well in this trade!
Agreed Mikey, Shane's on a whole other level......talented maker that is a huge bonus to this here group of sling nuts.

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