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Revolver Tool Bicycle part Font Wood

This triple threat of Pocket Predator slings hit my mailbox courtesy of @USMC-91 He wanted to find them new homes, and I was happy to oblige!
These are all current production from the website. The OTT and TTF versions of the Taurus are about my favorite shooters of all time. They may be the best molded slingshots ever, IMHO.
My initial offer was for the OTT Taurus and Pocket Ranger. But USMC91 said the Ranger was gifted to him, and he wanted to pay it forward as a gift to another shooter. He let me put the cash on the TTF Taurus and gave me the Ranger. And the Jade G10 Pocket Ranger has the new optional band clips with metal inserts. Very neat.
He added the bandsets as surprise sweeteners!
My lucky day!
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