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Ever since becoming a member I've never checked my messages until recently and discovered there were a handful in there waiting around, one of which was from Drew Bilbrey in response to a comment I'd made about offering lathe swarf in resin. Some time had passed so I asked if he was still interested in receiving a box of chips and shavings and in return he offered me this excellent natty.

Black walnut with a white oak end cap. Being a natural it seemed appropriate to tie on some natural bands with a homemade leather pouch and stick to launching marbles for ammo, and after shooting a pinch gripper with sights lately I was surprised that I was hitting a soup can and spinner pretty consistently from about 6-7 yards. The crazy thing is I've banded it both ways and it feels comfortable to hold either way with the same accuracy from what I could tell. All in all I feel like I really got the better deal here, this is a great slingshot!


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