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If I haven't gushed enough about this family on The Forum then I'll do it again right now. Eldon took note of my curiosity to his daily dedication to the Lion Mouth by Dankung and was brilliant in answering my questions and more questions after that. Then BOOM I hear a noise and my mailbox has a Lion Mouth AND actual Latex bands and Warrior Pouches too?! No joke!! I haven't shot latex and was wondering what that was all about, and now I'm gonna find out! I find it fascinating how all of you tie your pouches and the differences across the board. Suffice to say Eldon's work is very clean and exact and worth trying to copy for sure.
The sling already feels like it was made for my grip. The one thing I noticed immediately is that I have a confident grip with a straight thumb. I am finding if I need to wrap my hold thumb, or thumb brace anymore my hand revolts and cramps up. Nothing peculiar after years of abuse, hard labor, athletics and a few haymakers thrown in. I can load up on Advil and shoot whatever I want, but the next day isn't so great. Thanks Eldon77. You made my day, and my birthday, and my Monday too!
Cheers, Mo

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Happy belated Birthday!!! Nice Presents!!!
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