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My day is made brighter and better by your kind words.

I feel a keen sense of accomplishment when someone like to shoot what I made.

Thanks to a for the kindness and to inspire paying forward is hiney in my coffee.

That pfs is among the first I tinkered. Worm attachment before I knew how to do it better.

Rich Neeman sent me a teak gapper that is a prime example. That helped, but I feelnit is important to pass on the piece with glitches and blemishes...the real character of the flip and maker.

Ans Kawkan has instilled in me a love for 1632 and 1636 with 5/16" steel.

Mikey, I believe us Gapper guys and gals and other lightweight shooters should proselytize as many as possible. Hahaha...
Don't know about you other guys, but I don't need anybody's hiney in my coffee. :puke:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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