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I just went out to the mailbox in the dark without a flashlight. I did have a Blackswift Walking Stick, kind of like a Rod in the Bible for those of you unfamiliar with it. When I reached in and started pulling some mail out...I felt something hard...Could it be? Well low and behold, I was blessed with a random act of pure Kindness. The type that makes you feel real good inside. Inside was an absolutely beautiful fork made by our brother CroMag. I always tell people that this Forum contains some of the greatest acts of Kindness available anywhere today. Acts of random Kindness from another place in time, lost in today's society.
Thank You, John. I really appreciate it.
Boys, look at this beauty...I will get on her first thing in the morning, Eastern Standard Time. 馃榿
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My goodness, I love a slingshot like a hog loves slop!
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