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Postman dropped these off the other day, but I didn't get a chance to shoot them until today. It made the day much better!

@raventree78 had offered these, and a number of others for trade. I swooped. Unfortunately I was traveling with family at the time and couldn't trade, but he did me a solid favor and let me deal in cash.

I like the full sized Ergo from Florida Forks. It's a solid shooter (I banded this one TTF with .030 latex) and a great starter or loaner sling when banded OTT.

The little Lizard is a great PFS. I've always liked the design, but never made one for myself. It's small, but fits the hand really well. I'm using a 3/4 butterfly draw for this, and 1842 tubes are working great.

The Hays Ringfinger Hunter is one of my all-time favorite designs. I have made a bunch. But none from custom hdpe like this. It also features subtle concave curves on the outsides of the forks that make it even more comfortable. The 1636 tubes are perfect for shooting butterfly with this frame.

You should also notice the lanyard on the Ergo. It is very well made, with a tight snake knot and has a great cord lock. A very nice bonus for me!

Raventree78 slingmail made my day!


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