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We had a trade setup with RenegadeShooter, and his part arrived already!
I am more than pleased to say the least.
First of all I got rid of my ttf frames. The most important thing was that Delta Wing though. I was in love with the Uniphoxx, but I made the turn to wider fork widths. To be honest, I would have never bought the Delta Wing. Now I know that I would have made a big mistake.
This frame is just awesome, and it will have a very high spot in my preferences.
I still got a yellow Uniphoxx, which is a frame I still love and recommend to new shooters, along with the Scout and the HTS, because of its versatility, and this little, steel, ott frame which will get light bands for half or 3/4 butterfly and 8mm steel.
Oh, and this nice leather target, which I dont know how to attach ???? I now know why leather is indestructible guys!
All in all, I am way more than pleased!


1 - 3 of 3 Posts