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Hi, I needed some different bands to try so I recently bought some GZK orange .58 which I got in a freebie last time, some BSB .6 & Sumieke .65. I also got a taper rule to cut variables.The pkg arrived real quick like my last order.. 9 days later. I made up some 18-12 band sets yesterday, I think the BSB seems to have a shorter stretch range to max than the GZK & Sumieke bands but I've no info on dont ken if I'm talking rubbish here.

Also when browsing GZK, one of the Feihu star slings caught my eye so @ $29 I got this as well along with some other bits&bobs.

I was really happy with the wee pegheid..never tried one of these, it was well finished & I couldn't wait to have a shot or two. I banded it up with the silicone donut things & took it out with the dog yesterday mornin. It was a piddly wat mornin but I shot about 10 times at various target along the river, I was surprised at how accurate I was, at least I was putting the shot more or less where I wanted at different distances to 40yds. The o/s fork width is only 75mm. When the weather improves I'll see how I am @ 10m on the target but... I gotta feelin oooh oooh :)

Wood Sandal Foot Human leg Basic pump


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