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Hi everyone,

This week I received the Colt from The Norseman's giveaway as well as a Rambone II that I got from Ghost in exchange for my Topshot. .

Norseman was generous enough to include a small raw natural fork as well as a paracord lanyard from Raventree. I was just wishing for a high quality paracord lanyard like this, so that was a really pleasant surprise. I don't have the means to work on the natural at the moment, but I look forward to digging into it when I can :) The Colt is really cool. Solid aluminum core with G10 scales. I've never had a non-production slingshot (that wasn't my own, of course), so it has been really cool to handle and shoot one. It has a very nice heft to it and is very well done-- the hafting between materials is imperceptible. Fun to handle and shoot.

The Rambone from Ghost is nice too. For some reason I had a sudden urge to try one and Simple Shot has been out of stock with them (more coming soon, though). This was a nice opportunity to try one out without dropping $40. It's in like-new condition but with no hardware, so I ordered some clips from Germany and they should get here soon (thanks to Covert for helping with that info).

The Rambone is a blast to shoot. Wonderfully simple in its ergonomics and function, and just what you'd expect from a character like Jorg. No nonsense and hilariously overbuilt. The scalloped fork tips (and the massive fork gap) are giving me some trouble in pinning down a good reference point, but my groupings with it are tight and consistent, if not horribly precise. I look forward to seeing how I get on with it after I've shot it more. It's cool to finally own a design of Jorg's. His old slingshot videos helped rekindle my interest in this hobby and his ingenuity is still off the charts (although his videos nowadays don't pertain to slingshots much anymore).

Thanks to everyone that made these acquisitions possible, I'm really happy with everything. I hope everybody is having a good week! Take care.


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That isna nice haul. Very generous gifting and wonderfully gracious receiving.
I knew of Jorg Sprave way before SSF... and I sure have wanted a Rambone... I may just get onw from SS. I have other frame desires before... in the New Year I will likely get one from The Norseman and a few otyer SSF members.

But the big rock chucking capabilities of a Rambone is appealing. I will have to get like a 85% frame for my tiny hands... and a lanyard for sure. If I club myself in the face my insurance premiums will go up. I am not accident prone... just active and have semi-dangerous hobbies.

Wonder what Jorg doea about insurance?
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