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I wanted to share an experience I had with and a confusion on their website. I am getting the heaven Emperor slingshot and wanted to try the OTT round tips, it said on the main page that you could use one of their additional fiber optic sites with four directional adjustments with tube round tips. I ordered it and some other things and then I was looking around on a completely different page and it had mentioned that no sights would work with the Ott round tips?? I contacted support right away and they confirm that it did not work with any sighting systems? So I was a little frustrated because I really do well with iber optic sights. my eye just is drawn directly to it and I shoot much better. I contacted support again and ask them to send me the square tips at either no shipping charge and make sure they arrived before the slingshot did. I was hoping for maybe they would pay half a shipping and I would pay the other half what happened was I paid for the square fork and they paid for expedited shipping so that they would get here probably a few days before my slingshot!

Excellent support, never a question about helping me and very excited to let you all know how it shoots.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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