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Hey Guys,

I wanted to share with you a little "find" that some of you might like.

I purchased a small sling pouch off of Amazon and I think it works quite well for holding a slingshot, ammo and extras. It is also currently quite inexpensive at $6.90.

I was surprised how sturdy it feels and the configuration is excellent imo. It comes with a nice wide adjustable strap that clips onto the D-rings. Has webbing on both sides and molle straps on the back. 2 zippered compartments and 3 sleeve compartments if you include the one on the very back where you can tuck in the molle straps.
You could carry more ammo than you could possibly need in the main zippered compartment. The 2nd zippered compartment would be great for extra bands or whatever you want. And as you can see in the photos below the large sleeve, under the flap, is where I put my slingshot and I can either wrap the bands around the sling, or tuck them into the second smaller sleeve.

Sports gear Bag Material property Luggage and bags Webbing

Sports gear Luggage and bags Sleeve Outdoor shoe Grey

Sleeve Grey Personal protective equipment Bag Webbing

Knee Comfort Personal protective equipment Waist Human leg

Alternatively you could put the sling in the main compartment like this photo below. It has a sleeve at the back of the main compartment but I personally don't like my ammo scuffing up my sling if I put the bag down.

Finger Gesture Camera accessory Sports gear Bag


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I was cruising The Forum and I saw (WII I believe) post a carry bag that flashed a memory up in the attic. Behold my Grandpa's 'quail bag'! He carried it through one of the 3 wars he fought in which held his gas mask and unfiltered Camel cigarettes.
Aside from the memories and the smell of sweat, blood, and tobacco, this bag hauls just the right amount of gear in a small package. Right now, 3 slings, clay, glass, and steel ammo, a small monocular, a wool beanie, a pair of arm warmers, my safety specs, and a PB&J sandwich.
The REAL bonus of this bag is that it is whisper quiet. I am sure Gramps would have never survived pulling on a Velcro flap or snapping a plastic buckle out in the bush.
When I am walking the treeline I aim to blend into my space whether I am hunting or on a picnic. I do own a few 'modern' packs and carry kits, but this one might beat them all! Cheers, Mojave 'The Forest Whisperer' Mo.

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