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very nice shootin! did you eat that cuz lead inside your meal dosent sound very safe
Come on boys, don't you hunt!?! Shotgun shot is lead (upland hunting), rifle and pistole bullets are lead. Just remove the bullets/ shot/ or balls and eat it. It's not like led releases poison into the meat! Lead is only bad if you injest it directly and over a long period of time or if food is exposed a long time to lead oxide like in old time cans. Look up preperation of game animals on the Internet for more information. Also you need to know how to clean and skin/ pluck your game, and how to keep it fresh. It's easy once someone shows ya how. I'll look it up on youtube to see if they have a good tutorial on the subject.

oh i never though about that, yes i do hunt, 2 for 2 on turkeys an got my first deer last year. also have killed alot of squirells. i cant wait for September to bring my slingshot and test it out on the squirrels. i hope to get evan into hunting with a gun

I thought for sure you guys were hunters!
I lived outside of Goshen, NY down in Orange County from the age of 11-18. We could hunt in the backyard! It's way harder in California!

Happy hunting! Oh and pigeon is not bad at all; it tastes like chicken.

Lol everything tastes like chicken!
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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