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On the bowbuilding sites i frequent we usually do a bow trade or a knife trade every few months or so. Basically, whoever wants to sign up just send me a personal message with your shipping address and if you are left or right handed. After a few days i will take all the names and randomly assign each person to another person and send the results via personal message. It is then the responsibility of each individual to make and send a slingshot to the person who you drew. Just a fun way to get to know people and have a slingshot that someone else has made. You can make whatever you want, bent wire, boardcut, natural, etc.

I think since everyone has different draw lengths and shooting styles as well as band preferances, slingshots can be sent without bands, how does that sound?

What do you think? if you want to participate PM me your shipping address and left or right handed.

BTW this is meant to be a fun thing, on the bow building forum mentioned above a lot of newbies don't participate because they think they aren't good enough. don't worry about that, If you can use a saw and a knife throw your name in the hat, we can't all make slingshots like Bill Hays, Smitty, Joerg and others, but were here to have fun right?
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I want to be in too ,but I live in Uk is it a problem?
It's fun I might be in .
I just finished mine for SITH#1 it took me 5 hard working hours to get it done.
I think we should do it as soon as there is enough people up for it.
1 - 3 of 57 Posts
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