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we are getting so many threads about new slingshots that I suggest we elect the best one presented in a month every month. A poll could be done for that purpose, with every member having one vote.

I also suggest that you can't win more than once a year so everybody gets a chance and the people with a lower output frequency are not at a disadvantage.

Every XMas, we could elect the slingshot of the year!

Maybe we could even make categories (best natural, best boardcut, best steel frame, best commercial model).

This could be done by a special thread where you have to put in pictures of your "candidate", or simply by the moderators collecting newly presented slingshots from other threads.

I think it would make the site even more attractive and give people motivation to check in frequently.

It would also be a valuable source for manufacturers (the less arrogant ones at the least). They could see what kind of slingshots people like, and then hopefully optimize their product lines accordingly.

Ideas? Feedback?

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