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I had bought some 1.8mm faux suede and was disapponted with the strength. I over came that by laminating it. They are strong but heavy 1.1 grams vs 0.7 grams (Stock microfibre pouch)

I had watched a video by Dankung, seeing the pouches being cut by laser and I studied my pouches from various sources e.g sniperling. I though about what makes the faux suede different from the micro fibre. I read about avoiding ironing Faux suede as you will change the nap. Nap (not sleeping) surface texture. Well I am not interested in nap. The smoother the better. So I tried putting some of my faux suede under a iron at max heat with baking paper (wax paper).

Well the results were very nice. It compressed the faux suede and made it as smooth a leather.
I recorded some empirical data. I placed some pouches on my archery draw board and took them to breaking strain with the boat winch.

  1. 1.8mm faux suede 11 kg (24.25lbs)
  2. 1.8mm faux suede (Ironed) 19.5kg (42.99lbs)
  3. GZK 1.8mm Microfibre 21kg (46.29lbs)
  4. Snipersling 1.8mm Microfibre pouch 21kg (46.29lbs)
  5. GZK 1.8mm Microfibre Laminated 31kg (68.34lbs)
In the picture below

D is the 1.8mm faux suede
C is the GZK 1.8mm Microfibre Laminated
B is a example of the common micro fibre pouches (the material)

Rectangle Wood Composite material Metal Pattern

GZK micro fibre (Left) and 1.8mm faux suede (Right)
Textile Insect Finger Font Wood

I wanted to put the information out there. I migh not have to laminate my pouches and it will give me a good boost in speed. About 5m/s 16fps.

If it doesnt work out at least the data is posted.

I willl post a picture of the Ironed Faux Suede later.


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Sorry everybody my testing methodology was flawed. I punch a hole 3mm from the side of a piece of faux suede. I did some proper testing today and the results are:

  1. Top one, 3 minutes each side with weight 5kg roughly compressing (small toolbox) 15kg, 33lbs
  2. Second down 1 1/2 minutes each side without weight 12kg, 26.45lbs
  3. Bottom one 5 mintes 1 side no weight 8kg, 17lbs

Wood Automotive exterior Rectangle Hardwood Font

Summary, there was a roughly 50% improvement with the first one over stock faux suede. 3 minutes with compression. The second one was only slighty better and the third was rubbish.

At least we know the breaking strain of our pouches now, and Laminated ones are still King of the hill. This was a blog that I want ed to share with the members. Welcome aboard.

There is one other problem. The 15kg one becomes very thin and I think it might cut the latex.

"If you fail, never give up because F.A.I.L means first attempt in learning."

Looks like I will be sticking to the laminated ones. Lesson learned, I wll make sure my tesing is bonafide and thorough before posting. I am asking to be tarred and feathered. My appologies.

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Very interesting. You laminated the pouches? With what material?

Would it make an improvement if it was only laminated around the holes where the bands are tied to to pouch? That way there is additional strength but less weight.
Karloshi, never tried it, too troublesome. The centering hole has streched over the ammo resulting in a dry fire. It was the centre that needed reinforcing for me.

Karloshi, I laminated with canvas, old work overalls to be exact. (King Gee). In the picture above it is 420 ripstop denima. Not the best, frays and Nylon is very difficult to make stick. Natural fibres are the best. I am still looking for a suitable plastic primer for the rip stop. I might give it a miss $$$ (n).

Salutations and thankyou for taking interest.
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