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OK Jorg, Glad you brought this up. So to make "THE SLINGSHOT RECORD BOOK" World Wide here is what the NSA and I can do: "THE SLINGSOHT REOCRD BOOK" will now have a section for Deeds done with sling shot, Like some one who breaks the reocrd of 1,500 flying targets with 1,485 hits, to most powerfull slingshot, largest slingshot, ect. We here at headquaters like the idal that Jorg brough foward. Here we go "SLINGSHOT REORD BOOK WORLD WIDE" and this is because of good old Jorg!!! Start sending in by e-mail photos and details of what you think should be in the "SLINGSHOT RECORD BOOK" to [email protected]
To view "SLINGSHOT RECORD BOOK" http://www.chiefaj.c...record_book.htm


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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