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Slingshot review my opinion

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I got this slingshot out again to give flats another try. I've reviewed this one before, but shooting it a few times yesterday,I might not have Shown it's high end features. Now when I say high end, Im not talking "Bling" Im talking "COMFORT And PERFORMANCE " I absolutely positively hated the idea of going to flats, but due to this little shooter Im going to give it another try. I like the bands close to my hand so that I have very little pull on my hands. The bands were tied by PocketPredator using quick ties sold by PocketPredator. No sharp edges, fits in my average (small) hands. Wood Bicycle part Electric blue Hardwood Plastic


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i had mine sitting for months after order it . i found on my dresser and banded it up 3/4 in. straight cut flats shootting 3/8 balls . shoots so great i should have done it a long time ago.
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