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Recently, a newbie pm'd me with interest in my slingchucks. I know they look a little unorthodox, but the basic mechanics of pfs are there. I was very happy because I accomplished my goal in setting up a unique way to spark an interest in pfs, pfs butterfly, bareback, and frameless pfs butterfly. All styles I enjoy shooting.
These were all new styles of shooting I have never even heard of until I found this forum. I was so naive, I thought there was only one way to shoot a slingshot.

This gave me the idea for a contest I will plan to put on every September starting next year. It will be a simple raffle for Newbies who may be interested in the above styles. It will be open to all newbies on this forum anywhere in the world. They would have to look for my specific post and respond within the time given. The lucky winner will receive a pair of free slingchucks shipping included.

I think this would be a fun way to welcome the newbies, expose them to different styles, and show them the fun and love on this forum. If they end up not liking it, that's cool too because at least they can say they tried it and found out that particular style was not for them.

Our lucky newbie this September is Catman710, he's the one that pm'd me. Thanks bro for your interest and welcome to the forum! I made him this set and sent it out to him.

I know there are some guys on this forum who share slingshots on a daily basis to people out there to bring people back to their childhood, to spark an interest, or to contribute to the delinquency of a minor lol! I enjoy reading those stories of sharing.

I don't know if someone has already set up or made up Slingshot September, but if you have a chance to share a slingshot with a newbie here or wherever you are this September maybe we can do so to open up this awesome hobby, sport, and the camaraderie on this forum.

Happy sling'n and chuck'n! And happy Slingshot September all! Or should it be Slingshot Share'n September? Lol!



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I am very happy to have gotten this beauty

Seeing those posted originally a few months ago is what started my obsession. I never in a million years thought I would get me my own lightsaber sling chucks. He out did the craftsmanship on it. I got about 4 shots in before the storm hit. I hope that one day I'm half as good of a shot as the man himself. I am blown away I will never leave the house without it again.

Ps I also was able to use some frameless bands that I got off of eBay for $.99

Perfect for BBs
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